MEZAYAH was born from the desire to create something that lasts, something that’s timeless and yet original. thus we find inspiration in everything that’s forceful and authentic at the same time.

our roots lie in the u.k. bass music scene of the mid ’90s. we never found anything more impressing and overwhelming than the unique and abstract phenomenon called drum and bass that spilled over to our youth hood area in the south-west of germany. the vibe at these raves & club nights was ecstatic to say the least and simply everyone was dedicated to the scene. this feeling of commitment and enthusiasm shaped our perception of what’s real ever since.

today based in the beautiful and charming city of cologne we still find inspiration in our favorite music genre. since dubstep came up u.k. bass music has seen a new rise and we feel very gifted to stand at the forefront of this movement once again. but our new home base has much more to offer than a fantastic club scene. it combines an outstanding liberal spirit and a long tradition of avant-garde arts with a down to earth mentality you will only find in the northern rhineland.

to round off our list of driving factors we surely have to mention the ever vibrant playground called bangkok city. since our first visit to this crazy fashion hotspot we couldn’t resist but coming back and spending as much time as possible discovering every corner of its countless garment quarters. witnessing all these start-up fashion labels and the d.i.y. mentality of young thai artists, bangkok made us believe that this might be possible for us, too.

thus MEZAYAH embodies not just our hope to be creative and become totally independent – it also gives us hope that for everything we’ve received to this point, we might get the chance to give something back. everything is connected to everything so if you experience something good, you should contribute yourself – at least this is our conviction. hence our slogan simply goes: DO WHAT U BELIEVE.